18 January 2016

what's in my pencil case 2016

Today I'll be showing you what's in my 2016 school year pencil case, so let's get started!
 Here is my pencil case! It's a cute little one with cacti and stripes, and you can find it here in lots of different styles!
 In the front pocket of my pencil case, I have some little cute sticky notes from Daiso, some rocket pencils (coolest pencils ever!), also from Daiso, and some Bic pens in pink, green, purple and blue for any small notes that need to stand out.
 In the larger compartment of my pencil case, I have 5 ballpoint pens from the Kikki K series Kontrast. You can find them here. I also have a basic pencil, red pen, and stabilo highlighter.
 Also in the main compartment, I have my calculator (the scientific calculator required for school), a 15cm ruler, a pineapple eraser and a mini hand sanitiser. I will probably pop a lipbalm in as well!
I wish I could take this sonny angel to school, hehehe!

Thanks so much for reading! What's your favourite part about going back to school? Mine is seeing all my friends again!
Georgina x

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  1. OMG I love this! i have no idea what to do about my stationery for nect year! btw u have the cutest stuff ever!!!!!!!!!


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