06 February 2016

polyvore + sabrina

hey there!
you guys mightn't know this, but I am a H U G E sabrina carpenter fan! a lot of you might know her from girl meets world, where she plays Maya Hart, but she is also an incredible singer, with heaps of brilliant songs. I am very excited for smoke and fire to come out. t-minus 13 days!!

as I am such a huge fan, I made an instagram account about two weeks ago devoted to sabrina, called @incredible.sabrina. I've been posting edits on there, so I thought I'd share them with you!

also post credit goes to bella, her and I were talking and she decided she wanted to do a polyvore post, so I wanted to share my edits too!

 song: we'll be the stars by sabrina carpenter
song: seamless by sabrina carpenter
 song: hello by adele
 song: dollhouse by melanie martinez
 song: towards the sun by rihanna
song: red ballon by charli xcx

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!

Would you be interested in seeing more of my edits? Who's someone you look up to?
Georgina xx

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