16 January 2016

cherry farms and wineries

 Can you spy the ladybug?

Hey there!
Welcome to 2016! I haven't set many goals this year, only to stop biting my nails, which hasn't gone so well... hahaha!

Recently we went out with family friends, and did all sorts of fun things! We went to a cherry farm, and ate some of the most delicious cherries ever. Then we went to a couple of wineries, and the adults tried some wine, and bought some, including test tube wines! We then went to a strawberry farm to do some picking, but it was a bit hot and busy so we headed back to the house for a delicious barbecue with salads and sausages. Here are some photos I took on the day.

Hope you guys enjoy these snaps, I want to post more pictures of my adventures in 2016!
Georgina x


  1. This post is so summery, it's making me jealous. It's bitterly cold where I live, and visiting a cherry farm sounds perfect.

    1. Heheh, sorry! It was a perfect day, I had so much fun!


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