08 September 2015

what I got for my birthday

Hello there!
As you most likely know (I may have hinted a couple of hundred times ;)) it was my birthday in August! I have decided to write a blog post sharing what I got for my birthday - these photos are long overdue, I apologise! I can't wait to show you guys! Let's get started.

 This is what I got from my parents and family. The camera wasn't so much a present, but I got all the money I needed to buy it on my birthday, so I'm counting it! It's the camera of my dreams, and I am having so much fun using it! I also received some Lush "fun", which is a 4-in-1 washing extraordinaire! (clothes, hair, body and bubble bath!) I also got a neon wallet from Arlington Milnes, and a mint green bag from Milk & Sugar! I love them both <3 p="">
 I also received these wonderful presents from my parents and brother. There's some stickers, a pillowcase, poscas, twine and pencils, as well as some Kikki K (what else?). I also got a movie voucher and Cotton On voucher! I was absolutely spoilt.
 I also got this cute teacup and yummy tea! The teacup was a little bear on the back as well, saying see you soon, as well as a bear on the top! It's very cute, and I love it.
 One of my best friends, Dorothy, threw me a surprise 13th birthday party, so I got spoilt by my friends as well! My friends who couldn't come got me presents too, they are such sweethearts! Elana and Kelly gave me a ton of lollies and chocolate (that have disappeared ;)). Michelle gave me the cute china cat, and Louise gave me a box full of little memories we've had. Dorothy gave me the Lush bath bomb and cat purse. I think my friends know I like cats! Ciara gave me the other bath bomb too!
 Ciara and Chante both gave me boxes full of cute stuff! Ciara's had lip balm, bath melts, the bath bomb and some other things, and Chante's had a bunch of Japanese things! (Poppin cooking, calculator, erasers, poscas, washi tape, notepad and ring!) Lily, Emily and Liana gave me money/vouchers.
 Neena gave me the most wonderful scrapbook ever, which I will use on my holiday next year! Jess gave me an INFLATABLE DONUT which I am only a teensy bit excited about... not! I love it so much!
Our family friends, Caroline, Justin and Poppy, gave me a cute tote bag and a cushion from typo. I think they are absolutely gorgeous and I really love them!

In no way am I meaning to brag, my friends and family went completely overboard and I am so thankful for everything I received!

What's been the best gift you have ever received? I think mine would have to be my camera, hehe!
X Georgina

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