19 September 2015

10 writing prompts


As a blogger, I get more than my fair share of blogger's block. So, I thought I'd put a post up, writing ten prompts for when you have absolutely no idea what to write! I was going to put ideas up, but I find (personally) that I much prefer prompts, as it means what you write is still your own!

Let's get started!

  1. Pets.
  2. Colours - colour inspiration, colours in your room etc.
  3. Your best friend (or your mum, or your teacher, or anyone really!)
  4. Your favourite websites or blogs
  5. A movie you liked.
  6. A fashion trend from years ago.
  7. Your favourite season/month.
  8. Some one really inspiring.
  9. A really good book.
  10. An appreciation post (for anything! tissues, chocolate etc.)
Hope this helped!
Georgina x

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