22 March 2015

dear blogger part 1


very recently (today in fact), I had an idea... basically, it's a series called "dear blogger", where I write a letter to one of my favourite bloggers, and share it with you! I will probably do a post/letter once a fortnight! today, my letter is to zali! I hope you enjoy!

dear zali,
you are amazing! your drawings are so cute, and I love your fashion sense! your smile is super cute too, heh heh! you are really good at taking photos, and I love your music taste! if I could ask you three questions, they would be...

1. where in the world do you want to travel, and where have you been?

2. what is it like being "un-schooled", and living in a family of creatives?
3. if you could organise any event, what would you organise and where?

your little sister poppy is super cute, and I love her fashion sense and creativeness! I really wish I could meet you and poppy! do you like silks? they look fun! your pinterest and instagram are super inspiring! and also, your blog is my very very very very favourite! (and I read a lot of blogs, so that is saying something!


georgina x

who should I write to next?

photo credit to moyan brenn via flickrmodifications by georgina

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