13 February 2015

one year blog birthday !

Hello !

This seems so gosh darn crazy to say, but this here blog is ONE YEAR OLD ! I have learnt so much over that one year, and made so many memories I will never forget ! I have made some incredible friends, and had the opportunity to work with some incredible brands !

Would you believe that I was aiming for 10 bloglovin' followers by the end of my first year of blogging ? I got 50 ! I cannot believe you guys >o<

anyway, I'm going to list a couple of things that will be happening this year on my blog:

+ pretty soon I will be undergoing a name change + blog revamp ! my blog will be down for a couple of hours when I move my design over and polish it off, but I'll let you all know about that !
+ I am going to ask lot's of brands to collaborate me, and hopefully I can get a giveaway together for you all!
+ I will (hopefully) meet some of my blogging friends !!

and a lot more !

thanks for all the good wishes, help, kindness, friends and opportunities you have given me, my dear blog ! and happy first birthday !

x Georgina


  1. Hooray GEORGINA!! Congrats on your blog's aniversary and the new design of your blog! I love it!!

  2. thank you brittany! and I saw your sneaky little pun, heh heh xxx

    thanks for being a great friend!
    georgina x


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