12 May 2015



long time no see, and my apologies for that! my reasons are that I started high school this year, and I just fractured my arm. I am saving for a camera and I'm about halfway! I'll be able to shoot more blog posts then. 

I have decided to take a photo once a week (or more often if I can!) and talk about it.

I love soup. Pumpkin, Potato + Leek, Tomato, Chicken + Sweetcorn, Minestrone. You name it, I love it! It warms you up, fills your house with an incredible smell, and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside! I am yet to try dessert soup though…

My mama bear picked me up from the train station last week, and when I got home, the first thing I noticed was the amazing smell of soup. I bounded down the hallway and got poured a delicious, steaming, pumpkin soup. I ate it super quick! Soup is one of my favourite winter foods!

What's your favourite soup? And, if you don't like soup, what's your favourite winter food? 

Georgina x


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