21 January 2015

sunflower blogger award

hello everyone !

sorry for my lack of posts lately, I've been in New Zealand ! but more on that later ;)

anyway, a long, long, long time ago, brianna tagged me for the sunflower blogger award ! and I completely forgot to post it, woops !

so, here it is !

what's your favourite word ?
confetti, peach, tea, icecream, sprinkles, donuts, cats, frankie, cute, stationery, magazines, pickles, watermelon, swan, flamingo, beach, swim, cushion, lovely and a lot more ! (yes, I have a list of my favourite words !)

do you prefer tacos or burritos ?
umm, is tarrito or burrico an option ? heh heh

what were the top three things that made you happy today ?
one, our hotel has milk bottles + straws for breakfast, making you feel very cute while drinking your strawberry or banana milk !
two, our hotel also has banana chips at breakfast ! guys, you don't understand my love for banana chips !
three, that I get ice cream later today !

in your family (at Christmas), do you open presents or eat breakfast first ?
to be honest, I haven't really ever noticed ! we sometimes open presents first, and sometimes we eat breakfast first !

do you find it easier to talk to guys or girls ?
it depends ! but guys I guess, girls you have to worry about backstabbing and guys you don't ! (probably helps that my twin is a boy !)

do you make fun of ads for drama shows on TV ? (occasionally if at all ?)
sometimes heh heh ! but I don't watch much TV :P

how many cousins do you have ?
two, but I don't see them much as they live in another city

on a scale of 6.2 to 91.78, how interesting is your life ? (you may do 1 to 10 if you like… :D)
I spent a while working this one out… 64.18, which is about 7.5/10 if my maths is correct !

what was the best school project you have ever done ?
can I say two ? both from last year... heh heh ! so, I did one last year on the antarctic expedition led by Douglas Mawson which was pretty cool, and I did one on the Australian Federal Budget as well, which was awesome !

what's your biggest pet peeve ?
my brother does this really annoying noise... and how people tan ! I just become a tomato...

okay, that's all my answers ! I tag Rosie from Awkward Alpaca Blog, Maddy from Pineapple Patterns Blog, Stella from Hello Stella Blog, Zoe from Kinda Out Of This World Blog, and anyone else that wants to do it ! Here are my questions :

what inspired you to start a blog ?
what is your favourite colour ?
what is your least favourite fashion trend ?
what is your favourite fashion trend ?
can you pick one word to describe your blog ?
what is your favourite thing about blogging ?
if you could say one thing to your five year old self, what would you say ?
what's your favourite food ?
what's your favourite drink ?
pizza or pasta ?

you can answer via post, video, vlog, whatever you like ! you then nominate between 2 and 10 people, and come up with questions for the people you nominated !

have a lovely day !
x georgina
p.s remember to smile today !


  1. You're funny G! Hehe! You sound a lot like me actually...

    - Manna :D

    1. heh heh, is that a good thing ? p.s loving the new blog !
      x G


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