26 January 2015

new years resolutions

hello there,
happy new year's! hoping that 2015 brings lots of good things to each and every one of you lovely readers, and all your loved ones as well <3

here are my new year's resolutions! enjoy!

1. drink more water
my first goal is to drink more water! this is a fairly simple goal, but one I have to try! here is what I wrote in my journal:
drink at least one litre of water a day. drink water with every meal, and use my mason jars to make detox / infused water!
2. run more
I honestly don't do a lot of exercise, and spend most afternoons curled up on my beanbag on Instagram! so I need to run more! below is what I wrote in my journal:
try to go for a three kilometre run at least once a week, to help keep fit and look after my body.

3. spend less times on electronics
I spend so much time on electronics (as mentioned above!) I reckon I spend 1-2 and sometimes 3-4 hours on it each day! here is what my journal says:
to appreciate my electronics more, use them less! spend ten minutes on one, then ten minutes or more off!
4. use my diary more
I received a beautiful Frankie diary for christmas, and I can't wait to use it! I have a history of not using them very well, so I will try very hard to use my diary well! here is what I said in my journal:
use my diary to organise my commitments and activities during the day, as well as birthdays and homework! keep a pen by it's side to motivate me to use it more.

5. work on my blog more
I don't think I try hard enough on my blog, to be honest! but next year, I will have my own laptop, and more editing programs, so yay for that! my journal says:
to gain a bigger readership, you should think of a new and good name that you will stick with, create a blog design that you are proud of, mark your posts out evenly on a calendar, host a giveaway to celebrate a milestone, contact brands for collaborations and buy a custom domain for originality!

6. stop biting my nails
this is the third year I have had this goal… I really need to stop! I have lots of nail polishes, but I can't use them as there are no nails to paint! in my journal, I wrote:
paint them nicely, or gross myself out, as long as I stop biting my nails!

7. sleep more
I'm going to high school in 2015, so getting more sleep is definitely a good idea! fingers crossed that I follow this one up! I wrote this in my journal:
get at least nine hours sleep, and read for half an hour before bed, to help you have more energy during the day.

I hope that 2015 brings lots of good things to every person in the world, but especially my beautiful readers! I don't know exactly what 2015 will bring for this blog, but I hope it brings lots of awesome opportunities, new friends and much more! I can't wait to see what 2015 will bring for me and my blog!

what are your new years resolutions?
lots of love and confetti,
Georgina xo


  1. My New Years resolutions are to spread more positivity and write and edit my novels more frequently rather than procrastinate. Hope you have a wonderful and splendid 2015!

    xoxo Morning

    1. this are great resolutions ! how are they holding up so far ? mine haven't been doing too well lately, woops ! have a lovely day, Georgina x

  2. Ah, I have the same water problem! I once didn't drink water for a week, trust me, it was horrible. I hove you achieve your resolutions!

    a little bit of sunshine

    1. how did you SURVIVE ?? heh heh, I already drink around 750ml a day on a good day, but I want to drink more, as I know it's good for me ! have a lovely day, Georgina x

  3. We have the same problems/resolutions... I really love your blog! You're so cool!

    1. haha thank you, that is so sweet ! my resolutions haven't been holding up too well.. how about you ?
      x Georgina


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