26 January 2015

back to school / 2015 / free printable book covers !!

hello everyone !

in Australia, school is starting next week ! So I thought I'd make some printable book covers for you all... I did, and here they are ! ( I have only covered one book because mine come on Tuesday )

click here for the printable

( sorry the photo isn't very good )

There are :
- Labels
- Spots
- Clouds
- and Scallops

Basically, just print, glue and cover with contact !!

A couple of things to remember :
- Make sure your Printer is set to colour (unless you are only printing the black and white pages !!)
- Make sure you click 'fit to page' when printing !! I didn't do this and now my covers are smaller than the page, and our printer has run out of ink !!
- Cover your books with clear contact, or otherwise they will get dirty and ripped, and the covers might fall off !!

If you use these, hashtag them to #georginasblogbookcovers on Instagram or email them in and I will feature them below !!

I hope you enjoy,
Georgina x


  1. I live in America, so school is still going on and won't start up again fir the new year until August, but I'll be sure to bookmark this page to use the printables then!

    xoxo Morning

    1. Thanks Morning ! You are always so lovely to me xx


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