28 August 2016

new things

Hello there!

So, I definitely believe that a couple (or many) of you would have been wondering where I went... well, I've decided that this style of blogging just wasn't fitting who I was anymore.
Blogging hasn't been fun for me for a long time, and I've only really been doing it for fear of stopping - it's been part of my life for well over 2 years of my life, which is longer than I've known some of my bestest friends! When I first started blogging, a lot of my posts were very stereotypical - and that just isn't who I am. Over time, my posts became forced, and it wasn't 'fun' for me anymore.

I've been looking into other options for a while now, and finally decided that a portfolio was more my type - I've always loved taking photos, but actually writing the posts became a chore. I often had edited images sitting there waiting for 2-3 months! Crazy, right?
Anyway, my new blog/portfolio can be found here. I think in future I might make a tumblr to share poetry or writing, but that's along way away yet!
For now, this is the end of this stage of my blogging journey. You might see me back here one day - who knows?
Thanks for supporting me,
Georgina xx