15 December 2015

q + a

A couple of days ago I put a picture on my instagram, asking for any questions you guys had for me. I'm now going to be answering these, in a Q+A! Enjoy!

@omgphoebeloveblog asked:
Do you have any Christmas traditions? As you guys might know, I have a twin brother. Every year my Mum and Dad buy us decorations that go together in a way, so when we have our own families we'll have all these sentimental decorations!
What's your fave ice cream flavour? Definitely walnut and maple! It sounds a bit funny, but it's divine.

@utterlybrookeleablog asked:
Favourite frozen food? I have sensitive teeth, but ice cream is nice sometimes!
Gelato or ice cream? Gelato all the way!
Top 3 favourite songs at the moment? If I could list 30, I would, but since only three, let's go with: Seamless (Sabrina Carpenter), YOUTH (Troye Sivan) and I Know What You Did Last Summer (Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello). Go over to my Spotify and see what tunes I'm rocking out to!
If you won a plane ticket to anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? Hmm, it's out of my top three really! Morocco, Mexico and Greece... I've wanted to visit all three for the unique history and culture as long as I can remember.

@britt_loves_unicorns asked:
Favourite store? The Cotton On Chain - Typo, Rubi Shoes and Free by Cotton On are all favourites of mine.
What do you want most for Christmas? I'm not too sure, but I'd honestly love everyone, regardless of race, religion, gender and sexual preference, to feel happy and safe this Christmas.

@everythingaprilblog asked:
What's your favourite holiday, Christmas or Easter? Christmas has been adopted by many to symbolise giving and love, something I love a whole lot.
What's your fave lolly? Not really a lolly, but I love dark chocolate!

@missbellablog asked:
Most snap chatted person? My best friend Louise or you!
Fave Lorde song? Hmm, don't listen to much Lorde, maybe Royals?
Fave Shaun (Shawn) Mendes song? Aftertaste, Air or Life Of The Party!
Fave book in the Wildwood series? I've only read one, being the first one, so I'll say that!
If you had to choose a new pair of saltwaters, which pair would you get? Either white, or navy like you!
Which blogger has the best short hair? My best friend, Bella ;)

@o.marshalll asks:
Whose your favourite 1d member? Niall or Louis, I can't pick!

@adailydoseofmillie asked:
Books or movies? Depends! I love books most though...
Favourite animal? Tigers or sausage dogs aha!
Pizza or pasta? Pizza!
Favourite cake flavour? I'm a bit boring, but vanilla!

@vanilla.highlights asked:
Best piece of life advice? Do what you want, and do it to the best of your ability.
1 high of blogging and 1 low of blogging? My high is the amazing friends and experiences I've made, and one low is probably that it does take a lot of time to produce consistent posts, which can be very draining and hard to maintain.
Favourite season? Summer! Although I hate sunburn...

@sambrandon2004blog asked:
What do you blog about? Fashion, lifestyle, music, inspirations, photography etc.
What's your favourite type of car? I'd prefer a lemon yellow vespa any day!

@abunchofivyblog asked:
What was your favourite thing you did on holidays? I'm guessing this means in general, and my favourite thing to do is try all the new foods!

@millej.spam asked:
Is Millie the most amazing person in the world? Clearly...

@jessiej.xox asked:
How amazing do you rate your blog out of ten? However I answer this is going to be awkward :P Maybe a 5? It doesn't suck but it's not incredible either!

@chantelle_falzon asked:
If you had to choose three things to take on an island, what would they be? A yacht with food and water, Jessica Watson, and any of my three best friends!

@queenannablog asked:
What's your favourite thing about Christmas? The love and joy that can be spread for a very small amount of money!
What's on your wish list this year? Other than what I mentioned above, I'd love a pair of adidas superstars and not much else!

@sunnyloves asked:
What is your favourite thing about being a blogger? All the amazing experiences! Working with brands, sharing my love for things, and meeting some lifelong things. Blogging has led me to meet one of my best friends, who'd I'd not have met otherwise, so I'm eternally thankful for that!

@jodienm66 asked:
What is the coolest thing about your mum? First of all, hi Mum :P Second of all, she's an amazing cook, and is also very supportive of me!

@hamisnotfood asked:
What is your old goldfish's name? Oh, the whole family's here! The fish was called Comet, but I wanted to call it something else that I can't recall...

@ebonystrail asked:
What's an ultimate goal of yours? I'd love to have children and be a mum one day, but if that's not on the cards for me, I'd like to be happy! And *hopefully* complete my travel bucket list!

@dottibee asked:
Do you like all of your friends you hang out with? Of course I do! They're all amazing, and I love them, as well as all my other friends, to pieces!

@thereallaurenb asked:
What kind of donuts do you like? All donuts!

Thanks for reading all this, and I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me!!

Xx Georgina

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