11 August 2015


I haven't done a Lately post in a long time, so I thought I'd do one, as a lot has been happening lately and I wanted to share!

  • Okay, so the biggest thing is definitely that I turned 13. I had the best birthday, and my friends and family absolutely spoiled me! A post will be up soon sharing some of the things I got.
  • For my birthday, I received quite a bit of money, and was able to buy the camera of my dreams, the Canon EOS 600D. It's an amazing camera, and I have been snapping away happily, so I will be sharing some more photos over time. That photo up there was one I took on my new camera. I am so in love!
  • My best friend and my mum threw me a surprise high tea birthday party! It was the biggest surprise, I came home expecting to do some homework and about half of my closest friends jumped out! I shook for a full ten minutes, they surprised me so well! Thanks to all of them, it was the best birthday ever.
What has been your best birthday so far?
Talk to you soon!
Georgina x

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