18 July 2015

birthday wish list

hello everyone!

In two weeks and two days, I will be 13! Wow, that seems so strange to say, as I have spent most of life imagining what it would be like to be a teenager! I actually don't want much for my birthday, and have decided to do a little explanation behind the 5 items I have chosen!

1. Canon Eos 600D DSLR - Obviously this is quite expensive, at around $500 dollars. I will instead be asking for money to buy this particular camera, as I already have almost $250 dollars saved. This camera is an absolutely gorgeous camera, and I can use the lenses my Dad has on it, which will save me quite a bit! I can't wait until I am able to purchase it!

2. Posca Pens - For quite a while, I have wanted Posca Pens! My primary school had them, and I adored writing and drawing with them, plus they fill blank spaces beautifully! I am interested in the PC 1M and PC 3m varieties, as I don't particularly enjoy overly thick pens!

3. Harper Lee's Go Set The Watchman (I'd also love the latest Ruby Redfort) - It's no secret that I really did enjoy To Kill A Mockingbird. Except, when I finished it, I was rather devastated that there was no sequel. Of course, about two months after I first read it, Harper Lee's second book Go Set A Watchman was announced. It was released last Tuesday, and I really do want it!

4. Free By Cotton On Clothing (one, two, three and four!) - I am having a bit of a wardrobe rethink at the moment. I have a lot of basic pieces, but not a lot of colourful things, which I think reflects me best. So, I had a trawl through Cotton On's website, and found some pretty cute clothes that would just make my wardrobe a lot brighter, and a lot more me!

5. Cotton On Kids Quilt - I admit, I really don't need another quilt cover! This one is absolutely gorgeous though, and I kind of want it a tad too much! I think this would make spring come a lot quicker, and make my room feel quite bright and cheery! I'd probably be a lot more willing to jump into bed, too!

I hope you enjoyed! I most certainly do not expect to get all of these gorgeous items, it really is just a "wish list" of things I would get if my budget was unlimited!

What is on your wish list? Also, would you like me to share a what I got for my birthday?
Georgina x

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