06 December 2014

a little video


a couple of weeks ago, one of my bestest friends and I caught up at the park! we made a little video, and I can't wait to share it with you!

here it is!

music - Simple As This by Jake Bugg

hope you enjoyed! I am sorry for not being very active on the blog... I use my family computer for posts mostly and it never seems to be free! oh well, I get a laptop in February!

when do / did you guys finish school or work? I finish (PRIMARY!) school in ten days, eeeeeek!

x georgina


  1. Loved the video, it made me want to go outside and enjoy the sun! I also love that song, Jake Bugg is amazing.
    Martha x
    Minty Fox Blog

    1. Thanks Martha! I have only heard this song by Jake Bugg, but he has a wonderful voice doesn't he?
      Thanks for reading + commenting on my blog, I love your blog to pieces!
      X Georgina


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