29 November 2014

The Bloggers Poem

Hello lovelies!

Today I have a poem to share with you, that I wrote about all the lovely bloggers! I hope you enjoy!

it's time to meet the blogger girls,
who jump and spin and twist and twirl,
they are fabulous, awesome, amazing and great,
let's meet them now, I'm sure you can't wait!
let's start with xanthe b,
who is as gorgeous as can be,
and then there is lovely emily that,
has not one, but two lovely cats,
oh, and brittany, of course,
who paints, snaps, crafts and draws,
and brianna loves skittles,
her loves makes us giggle,
she's just oh so pretty,
there's ella the maker,
and bento-box creator,
of course there's ladri,
who's sweeter than tea,
oh and of course there is lucy,
who loves all things cutesy,
don't forget harri,
who craft will marry,
and pretty things finder,
aka. poppy and daisy,
of course, there is zali,
who's drawings inspire me,
with things to eat,
the fashionable crafter,
who's so pretty, but not vain,
there's paris, and taylah,
and maddy and bela,
and abbey, and kate,
and sarah, but wait!
as sad as it is, we can't meet them all,
we are the bloggers, and we are having a ball!
and I almost forgot to introduce me,
my name is georgina and I write poetry!


  1. I LOVE IT GEORGINA!!! :D So cute!

  2. Replies
    1. That's okay Sarah, thank for commenting! I love your blog xx

  3. Aw, I love this poem! It describes our community perfectly. Thank you for including me! <3


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