14 March 2016

farm days

Well, I'm finally back, with a new fashion blog post! (I haven't done one of those in a long time!) Apologies if the photos aren't great, I took these myself and balanced my camera rather precariously on several objects, before running into position!

Yesterday, we headed down to my Aunt's and Uncle's farm. They are currently building a house down there, it's all super exciting! I'll share more photos soon.

Anyway, let's talk about this outfit! I bought these shoes super recently, they've been on my wish list for ages and I decided I would get them for my holiday later this year. They are super comfy and I love them so much! The watch is the one I got for Christmas, and I still can't get over it! All the colours in this outfit are very dark, but seem to work together? Who knows...

Sorry for not posting in ages, I've had lots of photos to post but not enough motivation to sit down and write!

Georgina xx
Jumper / H&M, Shirt (worn underneath) / Free by Cotton On, Vest / Forever New (Family Friend's), Jeggings / Unknown, Shoes / Adidas Superstars and Watch / The Horse

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