14 November 2015

Girl Lane 01

A couple of weeks ago, I put up a post called "exciting things", and you were probably wondering what that was all about! Well, I am able to finally reveal what has been under wraps for a little while ago now! That very exciting photoshoot was in collaboration with Girl Lane, a very soon to be released skincare, haircare and bodycare range for tween and teen girls like myself. Over the next couple of weeks I will hopefully put up more posts and reviews, but today I will be reviewing the skincare products!

Girl Lane is officially launching in around a week, and I can't wait for the rest of you guys to be able to try out these amazing products that feel brilliant on your skin!

 These two moisturisers are absolutely brilliant. I use the everyday face moisturiser in the morning, and the nourishing face moisturiser at night. I use both of these after the face wash, and they feel brilliant on my skin. These do feel a little greasy when I first put them on, but they do feel less greasy and a lot more smooth as the day goes on! My favourite thing about the moisturisers is the everyday one has built in sunscreen, and, as someone with naturally fair and sunburn-prone skin, I can say that it really does work!

 Oh, this face wash is my favourite of the products I've tried! You apply it to your face dry, and then wash it off with water, and it actually feels as if dirt is coming off your face! It's absolutely brilliant. I've used the hydration mist a couple of times when my face is a bit dry (which is often as my skin is naturally dry), and I honestly feel less dry on the face. I can't wait to take this mist to the beach and the pool to settle my skin after exposure to harsh chemicals.

 This lip balm is absolutely incredible! I've never been a fan of pawpaw lip balm, as it feels oily on and actually appears to be doing less than more nourishing lip balms. However, my opinion was completely changed when I tried this! I am a person who has struggled with dry and chapped lips for a very long time, and I was so excited to see this in my parcel, and honestly couldn't wait to try it - would it be the product of my dreams? It answered up to my expectations and more, as my lips were supple and soft within the day, and I can't wait to use this product on awful sunburns.

This was the first post in my Girl Lane series! I can't wait to review more of the products and blog about other exciting Girl Lane happenings!

To quote Girl Lane, "Be Playful. Be Curious. Just Be."

Lots of love,
P.S This sponsored post was brought to you by Girl Lane.

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