15 June 2015

writing #1


Something I don't share on this blog (and, as you know, I want to get into sharing that stuff!) is my love of writing! I love writing a lot, but don't do it nearly enough! so I am going to write a post once a month about my writing, and share my latest piece!

Here is my first piece for today...

She stays up late,
To watch the stars,
To look for Jupiter,
For Mars.

She wonders what,
And when, and where,
And how, and who,
And why’d they dared.

She’s breathing softly,
Her hair a mess,
One hundred crinkles,
Upon her dress.

And she is happy,
So she’ll smile,
And lie, out back there,
For a while.

And my second piece....

She turns the page
A note and crusted blood,
She runs to her sister’s room,
When she hears a soft thud.

Her sister lies lifeless,
Dead on the floor,
The note she wrote reads,
“I don’t want to live anymore”

“I’m sick of living,
Of the little voices,
Of the bickering in my head,
Of right and wrong choices.”

“I’m sick of uncertainty,
Not knowing what’s right,
I’m sick of the nightmares,
That taunt me at night.”

“Goodbye, world,
I’m done with you.”
The voices were gone,
But her sister was too.

What do you think? They are very different pieces - one is quite happy and cheerful and the other is quite depressing, but that's just life I guess!

On another note, I FINALLY read Wonder by R.J. Palacio this afternoon and, yes, I read it when I honestly should have been doing homework! Don't worry, I have done all my homework now! Wonder is amazing, and I thoroughly recommend it!

Thanks for reading,
X Georgina


  1. Wow, I love how beautifully each of these a written with such depth and meaning! I look forward to reading more! ;)

    1. thanks so much Rainbow-Rose! I hope to publish more soon x

  2. Replies
    1. That's a lot coming from you, Noor, so thank you!

      X Georgina


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