05 June 2015

5 books you have to read


One thing I haven't ever really talked about on the blog is my love for books. I really REALLY love books! I love reading them on the train, before bed, on the weekend and on my beanbag. I love all sorts of books, and I will happily read them over and over. Can you tell I like book?

So today I want to share my five top books/series. They are my challenging, comfort, inspirational, spy and just plain GOOD books! I hope you enjoy!

1. CHALLENGING - A challenging book for me is the Tomorrow When The War Began series by John Marsden. I read the first book last year, and I tore through it. But then I waited until recently to read the rest, because so much goes on in the book, so many new ideas and things I just never thought about, that it was impossible to comprehend. Yet, as I read the second book, I value leaving such a big space of time between them, because it gave me time to stomach, and mull over the book.

2. COMFORT - My comfort books are the Enid Blyton books. My mum has an amazing collection that I have expanded on, and they are such simple stories with such inspirational morals. I mean who DOESN'T want to read about how a forgetful schoolboy misses out on a trip to the ocean? (nobody, that's the answer). The books are my comfort book because I can read them after a big read, like the Tomorrow series, and it helps me comprehend the other book somehow? I'm not entirely sure!

3. INSPIRATIONAL - The most Inspirational book I have ever read is To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. You are probably thinking "Gosh Georgina, how many times have I heard about THAT book!" And that's exactly what I thought when my Mum came home from the op shop with it (except I thought Mum... not Georgina... that would be weird!). But I read it once, and then read it again. Because it had such an inspirational story that I had to read it again, and actually fully concentrate on it, to get it fully. And can you imagine how excited I was when I heard about the sequel? No? Well, let's just say I danced around the house yelling LET'S GO SET THE WATCHMAN for a good half an hour… 

4.  SPY - By this heading, I mean action, crime, spy etcetera. And this book is good. Ruby. Redfort. Lordy, I could talk about that book for hours! I even did a school assignment on it! Ruby Redfort is a 13 year old girl who is INSANELY smart, and because of this the spy agency Spectrum has her become their code cracker! The books are about her different missions. I am not sure why I like this book, as I have nothing in common with the characters, but it is written incredibly well and I feel like I can relate to it!

5. just plain GOOD - this goes to, and forever will go to, any book by John Green. I'm sure you have heard of his book The Fault In Our Stars, which is an amazing book, but surprisingly not my favourite! This is my order: An Abundance of Katherine's gets number one, followed by Paper Towns, Let It Snow, The Fault In Our Stars and finally Will Grayson, Will Grayson. But all his books are incredible and a highly recommend reading them!

What is your favourite book?
I hope you enjoyed this post!
X Georgina


  1. I love reading too! I I will have to agree with you on all of your choices - they are amazing!

    Bridget xx


    1. Reading is so relaxing for me, it makes those grey days a little bit brighter!

      X Georgina

  2. totally agree!!


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